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Quick Start


To install and download, enter your email address (optional) in the tex box to the left, and click on the 'download now' button.

Internet Explorer Users should select "Run this program from its Current Location".

Netscape Users should save the Active Setup file to their hard drive, then run the program by clicking on the Start button and then selecting Start - Run function.

Step by Step instructions that will appear on your screen.


When registering your account please make absolutely sure the details you supply are correct. It is these details that are used to mail your personal PIN number and any winnings checks. Incorrect details could result in non-receipt of payments.

For security reasons, it is advised that you choose a Pokername and Password that you can remember and NOT write them down, as this may result in other people being able to access your account.

Shortly after registration you will be emailed a temporary PIN number. This PIN number will enable you to deposit and play at PokerPlex.

A unique permanent PIN number will be e-mailed to you within one working day of registration. This PIN number will enable you to withdraw and transfer money to and from your account.


Once you have installed Royal Poker an icon will appear on your desktop. To play simply double click on this icon. If at any time you require assistance with downloading or installing, please contact the friendly staff at Royal Poker 'Players Help' on the following toll free telephone numbers found HERE.

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Royal Poker will take 5% from every pot over $5, up to a maximum of a $3 rake. We also operate a No Flop - No Drop policy; we do not take any rake from hands that do not reach the flop.

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Real Money Games
While playing at Royal Poker , there are times when players may experience a delay or even be (rarely) disconnected by the game server during a hand.

If this happens to a real money player at Royal Poker who has money in the pot, the player will be able to contact our help desk and the hand will be reviewed. If it is determined that a player was disconnected with the winning hand, a credit will be applied.



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